Register for back-to-school support 

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Starting the school with what you need – a good start indeed!

The first days of school are important for children. Giving them the chance to start the year with all their supplies is a priority for us.

Opération Bonne Mine provides financial support to families experiencing economic difficulties for school-related expenses: tuition fees and daycare, educational materials, school supplies, transportation, etc.

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You need back-to-school financial support?

What is back-to-school support? 

You could obtain a $50 voucher per child registered at the primary or secondary level.

How to get this help?

To obtain back-to-school financial support, an eligibility request must be submitted to the SSVP service point in your neighborhood:

  1. Visit the "Getting help" on our website
  2. Enter your postal code to find the SSVP service point in your neighborhood*
  3. Call the telephone number of your point of service to make an appointment.

*Please note: If there is no number displayed, this means that the Société de Saint-Vincent de Paul is not present in your area. Please contact 211 to be refered to another organisation.


Where can you use the vouchers?

  • At school, to pay tuition, childcare, transportation, educational materials, uniform, lunches, etc.
  • At participating stores for the purchase of school supplies only (depending on the point of service).

The registration period is from July 2 to September 15.

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You are a participating partner?

How to disseminate information to families?

You are a school or an organization wishing to disseminate information on back-to-school assistance to parents?

Click here for more details.


How to obtain your reimbursement as a participating school or business?

  • Make a copy of the coupons for your records.
  • Return the original coupons to the address written on the back and attach supporting documents (account statement, invoice, etc.).
  • The Society of Saint-Vincent de Paul of Montreal undertakes to reimburse within a maximum of six weeks after receipt of the coupons with supporting documents.
  • Please submit your refund request before January 31.
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