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Campaign 2021

Steven, a special and remarkable teenager

After a tumultuous academic and personal journey, Steven attended Jeanne-Mance secondary school in Montreal. For 3 years, he benefited from multidisciplinary educational, community and social supervision, as well as the invaluable support of his family. “It was this common mobilization around the child that made it possible to create a response in him,” explains Anouk Simpson, Steven's teacher at the time.

Around the same time, he then joined the hunting and fishing Club founded by the social worker at his establishment, in partnership with the neighborhood youth center. This decisive experience allows him to develop his sense of belonging, his social skills, his selfesteem and his academic motivation.

Steven's academic and socialization efforts are rewarded in 2019, when he receives the stay in school scholarship. In 2021, he is about to complete his preparatory training for work degree (FPT), is going to discover the world of work and to gain his independence.

We are very proud that he is today the ambassador of the Opération Bonne Mine stay in school scholarship program.

Geneviève Dubois, Director of the school perserverance program Opération Bonne Mine


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